Do you visit your hairstylist regularly? Then you are not distancing and have other clients around you as well as contaminating the premises. Far riskier than an alt' session with me. Nothing more I'd like but not worrying about anything yet that is not the world we live in now and for the foreseen future. Hence decided to offer sessions (modified) again after nearly a yr off-grid.

On my end I must test regularly due to my daytime work at UNI in research hence keeping healthy is very important. I haven't socialized during this pandemic and only go out for essentials as well as now going to UNI with a mask and distancing. I am willing to take sessions again but in the safest manner possible without lowering the high-quality sessions provided.


Please be honest, if you haven't taken daily safety precautions such as wearing masks during gatherings outside your safety bubble I will require additional safety precautions and modify the session further to keep safe. If you recently tested negative and haven't socialized since then you can enjoy the session as offered pre-pandemic. I'm reasonable after all.

If you are concerned about safety during the session then I have planned some really fun and sexy activities that can be done all the while wearing a mask, and distancing as well if you prefer but facts show that distancing is not as protective as mask-wearing alone. A recent flight had covid-19 infected passengers who didn't distance yet wore a mask, none of the other passengers in the plan contracted it, just one of many similar situations. But I understand the concern and happy to customize the session to your comfort level as well.


Mention you are interested in a custom safety alternative session when filling up the booking form and we can discuss further details. I promise it will be much more fun than a cam session! ;)

I have taken extra steps to keep us safe. Adding hospital-grade 7 by-pass filtrations system with UVC lamps (UVC has shown to kill all coronaviruses on surfaces including covid-19) in each room of my new apt.

The bathroom surfaces are cleaned with bleach to ensure complete sanitation as well. Organic anti-bacterial bamboo hand and bath towels washed in hot water with a 60 min soak setting. Floors are always washed with a high-temperature steam mop with tea tree and/or Eucalyptus based natural detergent.


Upon arrival on location, I will ask you to wash your hands for a minimum of a full 30 sec. If we have agreed to both wear a mask then please bring one with you. On my end, I'm happy to wear a face shield instead or none if you prefer (more options). Let's customize a sexy alt' session today! xoxox

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