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Here are some of the reoccurring subjects I must address regularly.

Q: Can you do an Outcall, I will pay more?

A: No, and money is not an issue, hence won't change my mind. INCALL ONLY at the location mentioned on the service page.

Q: My schedule has changed and I'd like to cancel/reschedule our date. 

A: Out of your control situations such as extreme weather or a real emergency I can understand,  Otherwise please realize this is no different from other businesses, giving a minimum of 24hrs notice is best, anything less will incur 50% of my rate, and if under 12hrs notice 100% of the rates. Not providing compensation will result in being blocked and blacklisted permanently. Remember that no-shows and cancelations cost us our time, resources, and salary. Not providing compensation is the same as stealing from us! 

Q: I don't want to give you my real cell number because I'm married; it's a work number... Can we just book via email only?

A: NO! I have very relaxed verification terms and if you don't want to provide a real cell number (from an actual cell provider, not a fake app/VoiP number) for verification purposes then it's best you seek elsewhere! If you have no ill intent then providing your real cell shouldn't be a problem.


I don't partake in phone chats. Verification is done by text in a very discreet and professional manner hence no worries of being 'outed'. I take privacy very seriously as I have the utmost respect for my clients and expect the same in return.

Q: I know you're not available but will pay more if you would fit me in, is that possible?

A: This entitlement attitude will result in NOT giving you an appointment at all! I have respect and integrity, I would NEVER cancel a previously booked appt. to give it to someone who books last minute but thinks he can get anything by paying more. Money is an end to a mean and doesn't rule my world!!


I also won't give appt. on unavailable days, period. I provide excellent services because I keep a good balance in life and asking me to change that will result in poor services. I am not willing to do that!

Q: What can I bring to make our time more special?

A:  Thank you for your kind consideration, Bring what you want and what will make you happy. If you wish to share a drink (evening bookings only, I never drink day time/office hours)  then you are welcome to bring a bottle of your choice. Note that I don't keep alcohol at the incall.

Q: What kind of attributes do you expect in your customers?
A: As most ladies wish for, cleanliness but please NO strong chemical cologne causing allergies. I prefer a more natural light grooming style for men. A well mannered, and respectful attitude will go a long way as well.

Q: I can't find any reviews on you, why is that? 
A: It's quite simple; I prefer sessions to remain private. If some are found randomly that are not favorable please remember that I provide my exclusive services to a low percentile of the booking requests I receive, the rest are politely declined. In turn, this can provoke undesirable effects by immature people who take offense in being refused services.

An intelligent person will have to trust their intuition and decide if trolls are worth listing to or not. Some escorts go as far as offering discounts to clients in return for reviews (I was told by clients and even offered a similar arrangements), they even write reviews on themselves pretending to be clients. Be suspicious of the ones that pride themselves on reviews and post them on their sites and ads to boost, it's a common practice. It's dishonest and deceptive, don't be fooled!


I provide services to most distinguished upscale people and public figures as well as family men who prefer remaining anonymous, private, and discreet. They appreciate my efforts in keeping private and my utmost discretion. I protect my clients and myself, hence NO reviews, please!! Reviewers (regardless if positive) will be found by my webmaster and then denied services permanently.

Q: Why haven't you replied to my appointment request?

A: Firstly, make no mistake in thinking because you can afford my reasonable rates that you will automatically get an appointment. This is a side thing for me as I have another pro-occupation, I don't need to accept just anyone nor want to. If I get a bad feeling from you then it won't happen.


Secondly, I get many requests and prefer remaining low volume to ensure the highest quality experience, hence I must be selective of whom I book. My excellent services are exclusively offered to mentally mature genuine gentlemen. That said, if you have proven to be less than a well-mannered person or have been blacklisted (by me or others), then that is why you are not getting a response. In some cases such as previous cancellations, I may ask for a discreet deposit to secure a booking.

If you fill the form without a real cell phone or request anything else but what I offer on a first date as well as not giving me at the very least 24-48hrs' notice, then you have proven to be disrespectful of my simple terms hence no reply. All info needed can be found on this concise site, I won't repeat what's already clearly stated here.


The booking form is set to allow only 2 forms per person monthly to avoid trickery from those less desirable who try to book with different info over and over again. Unfortunately, these types of people exist, some can't take NO for an answer!

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